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How To Get Girls To Like You By Looking At Things On The Internet

Cain Parish

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The information online about how to get girls is as vast as it is ridiculous. There’s a good way and a bad way to find your information about relationships online. In this article, we learn why and how that is.

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How Do I Get Girls To Like Me?

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Andrew Tate.

Keep your hand up if you’ve seen any of his videos, shorts, interviews, or podcasts on your social media.

Finally, keep it up if you’ve watched anything of his in the last six months.

The people with their hands up are overwhelmingly young, broke, male, and single. Not surprisingly, that’s what Mr. Tate likes to talk about. And, as the last few months would suggest, there is an audience of people out there that are desperate to learn how to solve these problems.

Now, love or hate the guy, you can’t deny his influence on our generation, especially the men. More than ever, we will see a dating culture influenced by a wave of fresh twenty-one-year-old blokey blokes proclaiming they’re the top G, that they don’t take shit from no b-words, and things like common respect and decency towards your potential sexual or romantic partners are stupid.

I’m bashing Tate here, but you can apply this attitude to almost any popular role model for BOTH men and women that exists today. The problem isn’t just with the guys. People of Gen Z, a native internet generation, should have the easiest time learning about sex, dating, and relationships, but incredibly, we’ve reached a point where our online role models are either sexist, overly political, or just flat-out wrong.

A fourteen-year-old boy gets shot down by his schoolyard crush. In response, he turns to Youtube and learns that women are dumb and only like emotionally unavailable guys with lots of money, fast cars, and mommy issues. These are our role models at work.

A nineteen-year-old girl gets cheated on by her first long-term boyfriend. Afterward, she goes to TikTok, where the app happily serves her up lists of red flags and problematic behaviors like breathing, sleeping, being an Aquarius, or having a J name.

The internet takes our ideas and our attitudes and serves them up to thousands upon millions of people. Somehow, we learned to deal with the people we’re trying to date as adversaries, as a power game where the first person to admit they like the other is the loser.

So, without further ado, as my contribution to dating culture, here’s how to get girls (or fuck it, guys too) to like you, by looking at things on the internet, in Ten Easy Steps™

  1. Be a relatively ignorant, ideally well-adjusted person that has basic human decency and respect.
  2. Naively approach someone you like and because of your social inexperience, get shot down.
  3. Rather than interpreting the rejection as a lack of experience and trying your best to holistically improve your social skills and personality, take the whole thing extremely personally and develop judgments about the other person involved.
  4. Have your opinions reinforced on the internet. Particularly, try to alternate between extreme self-loathing/belittling and a healthy amount of sexism. Or, just extremely misguided expectations.
  5. Find your people. This might include gurus, astrologers, pick-up artists, or any other knowledgeable, qualified, evidence-based beacons of society. Bonus points if they’re selling a course for $1997 or have a free texting masterclass with limited seats available.
  6. Continue honing your confirmation bias by laughing at all the things the opposition is doing. If you’re a man, look at all the silly women looking for relationships and trying not to put out on the first date so they don’t get used for their bodies. If you’re a woman, look at all the toxic guys honestly stating their intentions for something casual so they don’t cause miscommunication. You don’t negotiate with terrorists, remember?
  7. Once you’re enough of an Alpha Male™ or certified Girlboss™, go out into the world and start living life according to Some Random Mong™ on the internet.
  8. Interpret every single thing that happens through the lens of your preconceived notions and never question your beliefs at all whatsoever. Remember, you’re not the problem, it’s all these pesky other people.
  9. Alternate between being entirely unhappy with your dating life and consuming more content about how to be happy with your dating life.
  10. If you’re supremely unlucky, you might at some point realize that the advice you’ve been getting is, in fact, Absolute Shite™. This might lead to things like personal development or self-awareness, or god forbid, a Healthy Relationship™, which we know we want to avoid at all costs.

The point I’m trying to make here isn’t that looking for answers is bad. In fact, that’s why I’m writing these articles, to help people that genuinely want to know why they can’t be happy with their relationships. There is an incredible amount of bad advice on the internet, and no real places that I can feel comfortable recommending someone for sex or dating advice.

Navigating relationships is really, really hard. It’s even more complicated when we don’t have a place to turn to help us. We don’t need more people growing up to be judgemental and sexist, just as we don’t want people to be ignorant and naive. Learning about how to get along with the opposite sex is a messy, painful process. And it is hard.

It just doesn’t have to be unhealthy too.

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