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Hi, I’m Cain Parish.

I help people develop relationships that are healthier & safer.

Welcome to the best and most comprehensive resource for dating, sex & relationships on the internet.

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What I Do

Our Private

In order to help other people develop their relationships and interpersonal skills, I decided it wasn’t enough to simply teach – there had to be somewhere to collaborate and share

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Articles &
Knowledge Base

I’ve put together the last decade of my experience as a coach, author and a human into the most comprehensive guides to human relationships on the planet. All the steps from A-Z.

Learn social skills, dating, relationships and emotional intelligence by starting here.

Books &

This project started from me being passionate about the written word. The hundreds of thousands of words on this site all started from wanting to write a book. And I did.

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About Me

It feels weird and slightly fake to try and describe myself on my own website. But it’s important to me that you understand me and (hopefully) trust my perspective.

I’m Cain Parish, a simple guy from Adelaide, South Australia, who spent way too long learning about human relationships and the way the world works. I want to share that information with you.

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One of my friends has a pretty bad habit of not thinking before he talks. I sent him your article. Hopefully that fixes him!

– Dani , Australia

Who This Website Is For

I didn’t start this website for someone else.

I started it for myself. Before I ever wanted to be an author, or an educator, or anything else, I just wanted to be happy.

It’s a fundamental human need to have relationships.

We cannot escape the idea that we are social beings. And yet, we’re not taught how to be.

There aren’t classes to teach us to make friends, to learn healthy communication, to become emotionally intelligent and independent from the baggage that our past and our childhood inevitably hand us.

Most people that learn how to have those things figure it out the hard way, like I did. Trying, failing, embarrassing myself, pushing through anxiety and shame over what should be a human right. To have connection. To have a community.

Author Cain Parish at a halloween party in costume.

Eventually, I learned how to talk to other people. Arguably, twenty-some years too late.

And lo and behold, my life started to improve.

It shouldn’t be a shock that getting along with others makes your life better.

Having friends, going on dates, living life around other people is the most fulfilling part of our time on earth.

And if you’re not currently experiencing those things, I have news for you.

It’s not. Your. Fault.

There is a way to develop these things, to build the kind of interpersonal skills that lead to the life you want.

That’s what this site is for.

Here’s how it works.

Everything I know about social skills, making friends, going on dates, meeting people, falling in love and dealing with humans, emotions and the messy parts of life.

All on this site. For free. Forever.

Just click the links in the header of this page and you’ve got a college curriculum on how to deal with other people. My gift to you, simply because I believe everyone deserves that knowledge.

But, if you feel like doing any of the following:

  • Receiving hands on advice & coaching
  • Growing with other people
  • Finding likeminded individuals
  • Supporting me & what I do

Just click this link and join our friendly group of wonderful people, all dedicated to learning the same things you are.

The Articles

As previously mentioned, these are the guides to everything related to human interaction. Everything is handwritten by me, Cain Parish, and stamped with my seal of approval.


This is the intro stuff, the fundamentals. If you don’t know what you don’t know, you should be looking here.

Dating &
Finding Love

These guides cover the dating process, meeting people, and short term romance.

Relationships &

This is everything you need to learn how to talk to people, as well as the skills you need to go the dating distance.


To attract someone, you gotta be attractive. These articles are how you do that.

Books by Cain Parish: I’m Sorry I Egged Your House

Book I'm Sorry I Egged Your House: That Wasn't Very Thoughtful of Me Black and White cover by Author Cain Parish

“The one thing they don’t tell you about threesomes is that it’s hard to find places for all the legs to go. A bed that would comfortably support two people suddenly has to find room for an intruder, someone with taboo and sultry intentions.”

This is the first really long-form project I’ve worked on. A manuscript is different than just creating courses or chunky articles. Not just because of the length, but because you’re supposed to have a point. An article can just explain something or tell a story.

Books need to communicate something between the pages. After all, that kind of transformative writing is why I started writing in the first place. More than media, the written word is powerful at conveying ideas and inspiring thought.

Hence, it’s pretty f*cking difficult to do

Trying to keep my thoughts coherent across eighty thousand words and managing to not lose sight of what I wanted to say was the biggest challenge I’ve faced to date.

This is my best effort.

If anything I’ve ever said, written or inferred between the lines has resonated with you or made you feel something, I’m Sorry I Egged Your House is for you. It’s my personal story, a selfish retelling of my life that explains how I got here and why it would probably be best for the next person to do things a little differently.

Chock-full of irreverent stories, laughter, love, sex and heartbreak, I’m Sorry I Egged Your House is a complete description of how I learned social skills on the internet. It’s fun. You’ll love it. Please buy it.

Buy the book!


How much of your written content is free?

The short answer – 99%.

This website and this project started from a desire to write and publish stuff on the internet, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Aside from my book and the discussions and handful of courses inside the private community, everything I publish goes straight onto the front page of the internet.

Am I too old/too young to benefit from your resources?

The short answer – Almost certainly not. Human interaction is evergreen. It’s never too late or too early to start responsibly developing social skills.

Summed it up pretty well. See above. As long as you’re a legal adult taking responsibility for your own life, this site and everything on it is for you.

I know you talk about what to do if you’re hopeless, but I’m a special case. I’m REALLY hopeless. I don’t think your stuff works for me.

The short answer – If you have a disadvantage, a life-altering condition, or simply just a late start, it’s going to be harder. But so will everything. That’s no reason not to try.

As much as I try and be relatively relaxed about my upbringing, I wasn’t exactly set up for social success. The only reason I’m here is because I spent a remarkably long time intentionally studying what other people seem to pick up from birth. After some long years of uncertainty, I finally hit a social baseline.

I’m not going to pretend I was born with a massive deformity or some other handicap. I recognise it’s really, really f*cking hard for people in those positions. But the only options we have in life are to try or not try. Everything else is just about the execution.

I know my methods work because I and many others have lived through them. I encourage you to give it a shot. You never know, it might work.

What’s inside the private community, and how much does it cost?

The short answer – $17 – 37/month gets you access to me, a community of likeminded people, exclusive courses and resources.

I wanted to put together a way for the people I’d like to reach with my message to come together and have a space where we can fulfil the social needs of life in a productive, healthy way, as well as some more personalised resources that don’t fit as well inside a one-to-everyone website.

That’s how the community was born. The price and offerings fluctuate slightly, but as it grows and develops, I want the value we offer to always outweigh the price you put in.

I signed up to your mailing list/opted into your community/bought your book. What do you do with my data, like email addresses and payment information?

The short answer – I use trusted third party vendors to handle your sensitive data where possible.

Things like your personal details are entered and stored into secure databases and used with value in mind and discretion at the forefront. I get reamed by Google if someone reports me for spam, so it’s in everyone’s best interest if I only send you stuff that makes sense for both of us.

As for your payment info and the real sensitive stuff, I use platforms such as PayPal and Stripe to handle all my transactions. I don’t see the information, nor would I want to.