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He changes reality to suit him.

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One of my most popular articles on – it comes from a series I did from the perspective of abusers and narcissists. I hope you like it.

Man warping and changing reality to suit himself

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He sees the world in shades of grey.

Everything is relative and truth is only something he can leverage for his own benefit.

His needs are important and what he wants, he goes out of his way to get.

Trampling over you and anyone else that might dare to suggest that there’s another way to live, he finds himself gorging on instant gratification and easy pleasure.

Narcissistic supply comes simply to him. He surrounds himself with people just like him.

Narcissists the same as him come and go from his life, constantly allowing him to live outside reality.

It’s downright boring to face the mundane normality of life when he can choose to escape the world in a fantasy, where power dynamics and dramatic narratives are all that matter.

Gaslighting becomes the norm when he forces his reality on those around him, seeking to convince, cajole and manipulate his way through life.

A narcissist is happy living in that reality, in a world where the most important thing is maintaining his web of lies and his carefully balanced stack of people.

The stories he’s told to every separate person are perfectly crafted to keep them from being revealed to one another. He orchestrates each separate person’s role in his life, as he sees these people as mere actors in his selfish game.

To be alive means to be emotionally stimulated, and the only way he can do that is through the use and abuse of others to keep his emotions high and his supply topped off.

It is an unsustainable way to live. He is burning out, a painful reminder that people cannot exist parasitically forever before those around him finally see him for what he is and cast him out.

While he can maintain his illusions and facades, he is a celebrity, a star amongst those he’s able to fool. But most people start to feel uneasy after a while. They see the flaws, the imperfections, the chinks in his armor. The glimpses of something less than human show through, and he is revealed for what he is.

People like this are very sick. It’s impossible for them to go about life the same as everyone else. They have the capacity to do great harm if left unchecked.

He changes reality to suit himself, until it no longer can support him. Then, he burns out, finding his way to addiction, depression or vices. There is no clinical help.

His fate is his own creation, as is every human’s.

And eventually, he must confront that fact.

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