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Are You Happy With Your Relationships?

Honestly, I don’t know many people that are.

The science literally says that relationships, social connection and family are the most important things for a fulfilling and happy life.

And yet…

How many people know how to make new friends?

How to find love?

How to maintain boundaries, solve conflict, be attractive and well rounded?

If you do, then perfect. You’re a lucky person. And I wish you all the best.

I certainly never used to.

Give me five minutes of your time, and I’ll explain to you how I went from nothing – no friendships, no relationships and no clue

To a thriving social life, romance, love, respect and a group of people around me that simply put – make me happy

I went on a podcast and was asked about how I got my start – how my life so far led me to be poorly socialised, anxious and a mess around people I just wanted to connect with.

You know all the rough symptoms – right?

I know what it’s like to have your inner monologue make you doubt if your friends like you.

I know the feeling that you get when you step back and realise that your relationships aren’t solid or stable or making you happy.

I know what it’s like to be lonely.

Chances are, you do too.

Dealing with feeling so out of control in your social life.

To not understand what everyone around you seems to take for granted.

To not even be able to make a friend.

We as adults are facing one of the biggest dangers to modern society that has ever existed.

We are constantly bombarded with social media, online platforms and virtual distractions.

I know it sounds a bit old-fashioned, but those screens are making us a little anti-social.

Turns out, whilst the internet was helping us learn and practice skills and connect with fantastic opportunities…

It was making us really bad at talking to one another.

Here’s a genuine question for you, right now.

If you can honestly answer yes, then by all means, exit this page. I don’t think I can help you, nor does it seem like I’d need to try.

“Right now, this very moment, do you know how and where to make a new friend?

It’s not a trick question. I mean it. Do you feel qualified, right now, to go somewhere and meet someone, out of the blue, strike up a conversation and make friends?

It’s such a fundamental skill.

We should all be able to enthusiastically say yes. It would be lovely to have the confidence in ourselves and our social skills to be able to walk down to a local coffee shop and come back with a new bridge partner, or gym bro, or book club enthusiast.

The fact is, almost 70% of people wouldn’t even make eye contact with the barista, let alone talk to anyone else in the store.

It’s really, really, really hard to try and learn these skills.

Especially by yourself.

Social anxiety is on the rise. Massively. If you’re anything like me, you know what regret feels like.

Regret of a missed opportunity, a connection that slipped by, a fear that held you back.

And yeah, they say rejection is supposed to be better than regret, but have you tried being rejected?

That sh*t sucks too!

And the more you get rejected, the more you let the fear and anxiety hold onto you, the more conditioned you get to stay in your shell and convince yourself you’re satisfied.

Being introverted and alone.

Unable to do the thing that kids do, and simply make friends on the playground.

Like I said, I know how it feels. Mostly because I was in that exact same position.

If you’ve read any of my work, you know that I overthink and overanalyse all my social situations to a ridiculous degree.

It’s because I had to.

I was never a natural. I never had the friends that you’re supposed to make around you in school, or at university, or that are supposed to come with you throughout your life.

I had to learn the hard way…

Books, podcasts, videos, TV, movies.

Wherever I thought I could learn something about relationships, emotions, how to have a social life, I consumed all of it.

It was a long road for what should’ve been a short drink of water. It took five years before I had a clue what I was doing. It took ten years before I felt comfortable being confident – being assertive in my own skin and my own personality.

Learning this shit is really, really hard.

As you and I both know, it involves a lot of rejection, a lot of lonely nights, and a lot of empty questions and self-doubt.

On the whole, that’s why this website even exists. On my platform, there’s dozens of articles covering the most minute nuances of socialising, emotional intelligence and everything else.

But honestly, when I was writing all of it, I felt like it wasn’t enough.

It seemed like I was hanging people out to dry – here’s the information, good luck…

So I thought of another solution – and honestly, it was with a pretty selfish goal…

I wanted to create the resource that I would’ve loved all those years ago – when I was in need of help, guidance, support and a community that understood what I was feeling.

So I did.

Here’s what I dreamt up.

  • A private community – one that gets moderated and vetted to make sure everyone is acting in good faith and supporting each other.
  • A place where everyone is incentivized to network, to communicate and to share without pressure or expectation of having to offer something.
  • Somewhere where the ice is broken by knowing that each member is in the same place for the same reason – to make friends, share interests and develop REAL relationships.
  • Somewhere centralised, free of AI products or scummy marketing, that is simply made for everyone to achieve the same goals.

Public discord servers or random networking events are fun, but there’s no oversight, no moderation, no accountability and no common ground.

Turns out, what I was cooking up had a name – A Third Place

A Third Place is a community, a hub of activity, a place between home and work that people gather round to share values, to meet new people and to experience a thriving social life outside of the routine components of their day.

If you’ll notice, it seems we have precious few of those anymore.

Things like libraries, churches, community centres, bookstores, parks…

You name it, I’ll tell you how technology replaced it.

So if anything, I more or less just hopped on a trend – except I don’t want to change a thing about tradition OR about Third Places.

I want to give everyone access to a community hub full of likeminded people – right from the comfort of their PJ’s and their internet browser.

So, here it is. Your Social Circle…

So, just humour me a moment and imagine what life would be like if you had a proper Third Place – one that you could access anywhere.

One that was full of people that supported you – to learn and engage with a happy, healthy social environment.

Can you see yourself:

  • Making new friends?
  • Networking with likeminded people?
  • Learning interesting skills?
  • Finding a support system?
  • Receiving unconditional appreciation?
  • Being actively encouraged to be a part of a community – instead of just tolerated?

If I’m honest, I really hate selling stuff, so I genuinely wouldn’t do it unless I thought it was an offer that had a genuine benefit behind it.

I don’t spend time on threads on Reddit or writing guides about breakups because there’s a ton of money in it.

If I was concerned more about my bottom line, I’d go hustle crypto or pitch a $1997 webinar.

When it comes down to it, what I’m selling isn’t magic. It’s not a get rich quick scheme or a silver bullet that will cure world hunger and fix all your problems overnight.

It’s simply an invitation to a place I actively want to spend time in.

To me, that’s the best endorsement I could give it.

If someone else had beat me to the launch – this site wouldn’t exist. I’d be over there, using their product.

But for better or worse, here we are.

So let’s see what you get, shall we?

Or, if you wanna just hit go:

Click here to get inside – at a HUGE discount!

I hate marketing funnels and weirdly convoluted pitches, so aside from my impassioned prose earlier on this page, here’s just a straight up list of what you get if you join me on this magic carpet ride.

What you get:

  • A Third Place – A community of likeminded people that all want the same thing as you – to learn and grow and socialise in a safe, productive, collaborative environment.
  • Supervised Skill Development – For those looking to practice social skills, improve at any of the things I teach on my site, or learn new things, we are hands-on and advice focused. Rather than go through Reddit threads or wait for an email back from me and my cluttered inbox, just join the Social Circle and, y’know, talk to me.
  • An Unconditional Support Network – Those that have been around my content for a while know that I don’t stray away from touchy topics or making mistakes. If you need help, even if things might be your fault, we’re here for you.
  • Extra Special Bonus Content – I like giving specific advice, even more so when it’s targeted at a burning questions someone’s had. If I release niche articles, courses, video libraries or books, guess who gets them all-inclusive, no questions asked… (Hint, it’s you.)

Okay cool, but gimme more stuff…

Y’know what, fair enough. I’m a bad negotiator. Let me just straight up bribe you into joining.

  • Every book I ever release – Completely free. That includes the lot – from small info-booklets to my magnum opus twenty years from now. If you join the Circle, even for a month, everything I ever publish from now until the heat death of the universe goes straight to your inbox. No strings, no complex email campaigns, no weird marketing funnels. Just a thankyou gift for ever trusting me with your time, your attention and your money.
  • Half price personal coaching. Now, to be clear, if you’re not a fan of mine, this might not be a big selling point. Having said that, for the rest of you that do actually like what I have to say, let me be clear.

    The monthly price of the Social Circle is SIGNIFICANTLY less than half the price of coaching.

    That means, if you’ve ever wanted advice, personal assistance, or just to ask me what my favourite midnight snack is, it is genuinely a better idea to join the Circle for a day, book coaching, and then cancel your subscription.

    I would actively encourage you to do that. And what’s more, I’ll congratulate you during the session on some savvy financial manoeuvring.

So, now you know I’m a cards-on-the-table type person. I would like to hope that I’ve been transparent enough to communicate how and why this product exists.

All that’s left is to slide a piece of paper across the table with a number on it (that they never show the camera for some reason).

I think you’ll find it pretty reasonable…

A Quick Aside…

Traditionally, this section is where the sign-up sheet is supposed to go. I’d have a handful of pricing tiers or a particular offer that you couldn’t resist. But the fact of the matter is, this is a new thing I’m doing. Building a community is tricky, especially when it’s from the ground up – on values I care about enough to enforce more than my bottom line.

So before the floodgates open, I want to do two things. Firstly, I want to give my first adopters an advantage. So I’m cutting the price of the subscription to this community in half for anyone that wants to sign up now – instead of after the launch. Additionally, I read somewhere that the average yearly discount on subscription services is two months. Buy 10, get 12.

So I’m doubling that discount too.

Pay for eight months, you’re guaranteed a year and a renewal at that exact deal for the rest of our lives.

Secondly, I want to get some feedback. Everyone that signs up before the official launch date has the opportunity to email me as much or as little as they’d like. Give me any requests and I’ll do my best to include them – features, topics, structure, discounts, whatever you think would make your life and this group better.

You could suggest something as ridiculous as a weekly pizza party, and honestly, because I care about making this group the best it could possibly be, I’d do my damnedest to see where Dominos would deliver.

Here are your options – I think they’re pretty fair, because unlike most people in this space, I don’t believe in price gouging or taking advantage of my audience:

Monthly Pre-Order

  • Pay as-you-go
  • LIFETIME price lock-in
  • Access to everything – courses, community forums, exclusive articles.
  • A digital copy of EVERY book I ever publish – even if you unsubscribe.
  • 100%, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.
  • 50% OFF personal 1-to-1 coaching – From $60/session to just $30!



Yearly Pre-Order

  • A frankly quite ridiculous discount.
  • LIFETIME price lock-in
  • Access to everything – courses, community forums, exclusive articles.
  • A digital copy of EVERY book I ever publish – even if you unsubscribe.
  • 100%, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.
  • 50% OFF personal 1-to-1 coaching – From $60/session to just $30!